Workshop Speaker

Dr. Allan Dayhoff

Evangelism: Part 1 • Evangelism: Part 2

Al Dayhoff finds his home in the Washington DC area. After building a church campus and pastoring in the PCA for 24 years, he came to the conclusion that his ministry was largely about recollecting church transfers. Discouraged, he went to a blues bar to rethink the current western church model of pastoring and planting church. To his surprise, he found his new church in the blues bar. Once called Pastor Al by 400 Christians, Al now is called Pastor Al by 400 plus non-Christians.  

Al spends 80% of his time coaching 20 plus ET Residents in at distance evangelism Cohorts.  He also does about 15 ET Evangelism Conferences a year for churches and planting networks. He can often be seen driving his truck accompanied by his Chocolate Lab and is a Graduate of Covenant Seminary.

Dr. Dayhoff is the author of two books, Church in a Blues Bar and God and Tattoos.